– Virtual or face to face
– Typically 12-16 participants per session
– Interactive, supported by course notes and coaching
– Approx. 2 hours

The accelerate programme is just that; a series of sessions designed to support, develop and accelerate the careers of your aspiring talent. Accompanied by detailed notes and interactive materials the sessions cover a wide range of topics and core skills.

“Accelerate is the most impactful piece of professional learning in my career to date.”

Session 1 – All about You

This session is literally, “All about you”. It sets the scene and is designed to provide you with an opportunity to step back, reflect on your career, identify where you want to go and consider how you might get there. Asking questions such as: Are you in a job you love, or is it simply a job that pays the bills? What motivates and drives you? What interests you? What do you love doing? What are you passionate about? What in your life currently works well? What would you like to improve? This session gets you thinking and lays the foundations for the rest of the programme.

Session 2 – Building your Coaching and Mentoring Muscles

Coaching and mentoring are core skills. To ensure you get the most from Accelerate Programme, every session includes 30 minutes for Group Coaching, enabling you to support one another to achieve your goals. This session, provides a “Beginners Guide” to listening, coaching and mentoring skills, exploring what they are (and what they aren’t).

Session 3 – Building your Brand, Maximising your Impact

Personal brand, we all have one, but is yours helping or hindering, supporting or undermining? Personal brand can make or break careers, mean the difference between getting that promotion, or not, mean you get on easily with others or rub them up the wrong way. Understanding yours and how to use it to your advantage means you can maximise your success in the world of work. This session shows you how.

Session 4 – Navigating Networking

This session explores networking, what it is and exactly why it is important. Discussing how to network with ease, both in person and in a virtual environment, examining your current networks, identifying where there are gaps, exploring how to fill those gaps and enabling you to plan and develop networks that will effectively enhance and support career development.

Session 5 – Thinking for Success

We all think, but HOW we think it crucial to our success. This session examines how we often inadvertently get in the way of our own success and explores scientifically proven techniques to ensure we are supporting, rather than compromising our best interests and career development. Examining the science of thought, the power of beliefs and utilising scientifically proven techniques based in mindfulness, cognitive behavioural therapy and neuro linguistic programming, this session sets you up to think for success.

Session 6 – Speak so you’re heard

Do you ever feel that you are being talked over, that you are not being taken seriously or that your message is simply not being heard? If the answer to that question is, “Yes!” then this session is designed to help. Covering listening skills, reading the room, assertive communication styles, clever language, positive signalling and how to deal with potential difficulties, this session is designed to equip you with practical skills to ensure your voice is heard, and your message taken seriously.

Session 7 – Influence and Business Relationships

Are your business relationships supporting or restricting your success? Whatever your role, it is likely that you will be more effective if you are able to influence a range of people. These may be colleagues, clients, managers, direct reports, or contacts in the wider industry. This session builds on previous ones and is designed to help you explore relationship dynamics, understand how you can positively influence stakeholders and enable you to build, create and sustain positive working relationships.

Session 8 – Round up and Review

The final session in the series recaps and reviews the core syllabus, allowing time for reflection on, and discussion of, the key learning points and take-aways. You will have a chance to reflect on progress made, identify areas for future development, set goals and plan the next steps to enable you to maximise your potential and further progress your careers. This is just the beginning!