Building Physical Resilience

– Virtual or face to face
– Typically 12-16 participants per session
– Interactive
– Approx. 1.5 hours

“I found it extremely helpful. We have started introducing it into our lives with our kids”

Looking after your body is a no brainer! We all know the theory, eat well, sleep well, don’t smoke, don’t drink too much, exercise etc. yet few of us do it effectively and when we are under pressure it is often the first thing to go. This interactive course explores why physical resilience is crucial to overall wellbeing, enables you to assess and reflect on your personal physical resilience and explores tricks and techniques to build it when time, or inclination, is in short supply.

“It was great – I thoroughly enjoyed it and it has made me think about myself and others”

Key programme elements

The science:
Examining the body brain connection and the science of physical resilience.

Fuel for resilience:
Exploring why diet matters, good mood food, drinking for energy and how to avoid the mid-afternoon slump.

Just move it:
How and why just moving boosts resilience and wellbeing and how to exercise when time is short and motivation is lacking.

Rest and relax for resilience:
The importance of rest, relaxation and sleep in creating maintaining and sustaining resilience, including simple techniques to help you switch off.

Participants will be able to:
• Identify areas of high personal physical resilience and areas for improvement.
• Understand the importance of diet in promoting both physical and mental resilience.
• Prevent the mid-afternoon slump and utilise fast acting simple strategies and techniques to promote energy.
• Explore relaxation techniques to reduce stress, rebalance and enable sleep.
• Understand the importance of sleep in the maintenance of resilient behaviours and examine clinically proven strategies to support positive sleep patterns.

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