Build Resilient Teams (Online Course)

Managing your team in a way that promotes both individual and group resilience is a no brainer. A resilient individual can work at the top of their game, whilst a resilient team pulls together, rather than falls apart when the going gets tough.

This course will enable you to:
• Understand the importance of resilience
• Explore and reflect on your own resilience and that of your colleagues
• Identify the skills required to promote resilience in yourself and others
• Identify common resilience killers Identify common warning signs of lack of resilience
• Understand and action strategies to develop, promote and sustain resilience
• Explore the reality of managing for resilience
• Create a realistic and easily actionable plan to build and maintain a resilient team
• Explore the topic in greater detail using a range of reflective exercises, and support material

Time required:
• Allow up to 4 hours for this course to enable you to complete the cases studies and extra reading and reflection exercises.

Who is it for?
• It is highly recommended for anyone in a managerial role.

Prices and booking: £35 + VAT per person.

Course Information

Build Resilient Teams Online Course