Managing for Mental Health (Online Course)

This session provides Managers with an introduction to mental health and the information they need to confidently identify, and address potential issues, understand where their role begins and ends and be able to provide appropriate support for their entire team.

This session provides the theory and works well in conjunction with an online or in-person training session with one of our experts, using cases studies and discussion to turn theory into reality.

The session will enable you to:
• Understand the importance of promoting positive mental health in the workplace
• Recognise personal and work triggers and risk factors for mental ill health
• Understand the difference between “normal” stress and mental ill health
• Spot early warning signs of imbalance
• Understand some of the most common mental illnesses
• Develop confidence to approach, assess and assist someone with a mental health issue

Who is it for?
• Strongly recommended for all those in managerial and leadership roles.

Prices and booking: £30 + VAT per person

Course Information

Managing for Mental Health

This course does not have any sections.