Managing for Mental Health – Part 1

– Virtual or face to face
– Typically 12-16 participants per session
– Interactive
– Approx. 1.5 hours

“Honestly, this course was really eye-opening for me and has helped me understand what I need to do to look after myself and therefore be a better source of support as a manager”

Mental Health, like physical health, is something we all have, yet it is still a subject surrounded by stigma and misconceptions. With the cost to the economy of mental ill health estimated at £99bn pa (Investors in people, 2018: Managing mental health in the workplace), it is a subject that needs to be taken seriously. Managers are in a unique position to make a positive difference: promoting, supporting and sustaining the mental health of their teams. This short, interactive session is designed to provide the background needed to help you do just that.

Key programme elements

Background and basics:
Mental health, what it is and why it is important, debunking the myths, exploring the facts, challenging the stigma.

Mental ill health triggers:
Exploring pressure and stress, common triggers and risk factors for mental ill health.

Warning signs to watch for:
Examining the warning signs of mental ill health and the mental health continuum.

Understanding mental illness:
Uncovering some of the most commonly experienced mental illnesses including depression, anxiety and burnout and examining maladaptive coping strategies.

Participants will be able to:
• Understand the importance of promoting positive mental health in the workplace.
• Recognise personal triggers and risk factors for mental ill health.
• Recognise work triggers for mental ill health.
• Understand the difference between “normal” stress and mental illness.
• Spot early warning signs of imbalance and stress overload.
• Understand some of the most common mental illnesses experienced at work.
• Recognise and explore maladaptive coping strategies.

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