Mindfulness Shots – 8 Short Videos

8 short (10-15 minute), content rich, recorded sessions, with accompanying information and resources, including a range of guided meditations.

We have included the video for our first session for you to view online now, if you are interested in watching the other 7 short videos, please contact us.

Session 1
Mindfulness: Exploring the facts behind the hype
This shot explores what mindfulness is, who uses it and why; introducing the key practices and the ABC principles of mindfulness.

Explore more: Notes including suggested short practices, questionnaire, resource list and links.

Mindfulness: Exploring the facts behind the hype

Session 2
A = Awareness of body and mood

Beginning to explore the mindfulness principle of awareness focusing on physical functioning and mood. Examining its importance in understanding ourselves and others, including a short body scan meditation.

Explore more: Notes, longer guided body scan meditation.

Session 3
A = Awareness of mind

Continuing to explore the mindfulness principle of awareness focusing on thoughts and thinking, the impact of thoughts on physiology, the science of thinking and evaluating the mindfulness principle that thoughts are “mental events”.

Explore more: Notes, mindful thought meditation.

Session 4
A = Acceptance and Approach

Recognising and understanding the importance of acceptance as a principle and concept in mindfulness; discussing the science behind it and how and why it supports our wellbeing.

Examining the elephant in the room, exploring how and why approach enables us to remain calm under pressure, expand our personal window of resilience and cope when the going gets tough.

Explore more: Notes, acceptance meditation and guided breathing meditation.

Session 5
B = Being

Covering the science and exploring the importance of being in the present moment, why we often aren’t and how and why mindfulness can help, including how to avoid the habit trap.

Explore more: Notes, 3-2-1 meditation.

Session 6
C = Curiosity

Examining why curiosity is important; how it works on a scientific level; how to utilise it for our own benefit and in our relationships with others, including simple techniques to help manage difficulty.

Explore more: Notes, Short TED talk.

Session 7
C = Compassion

Explaining why rather than being a “woolly concept”, there needs to be room for compassion in all areas of life, including the workplace, if we are to increase resilience, promote wellbeing and enable ourselves to function at the top of our game.

Explore more: Notes, Guided compassion meditation, repeat questionnaire.

Session 8
Mindfulness in the Real World 

In the final session we look at cultivating an attitude of gratitude and how it supports our wellbeing. In every moment we can choose which part of the mind we build and develop.

Mindfulness is often seen as an interesting intellectual exercise, but when we begin to implement mindful principles in everyday life it simply makes it easier!