Don’t just take our word for it, here is feedback from some of our courses.

“I also had some wonderful feedback for you from the stations.  They loved your sessions so much that not only do they want more but they asked if we could just send you to live on station”
(Mental Health in the Field – British Antarctic Society)

“Thoroughly enjoyed this course. So much content & the structure was great. Working in groups to problem solve was very useful. Very well delivered & not a yawn in the virtual room.”
(Soft Skills Training – Police Force)

“The entirety of your presentation was insightful and I definitely now have working points to take away from it.”
(Managing for Resilience)

“I really enjoyed the training and found it incredibly useful. Would recommend.”
(Optimising Energy and Resilience for Managers)

“I enjoyed Janice’s style/presence and found her personable. Found it a new exciting topic that should be taught more.”
(Optimising Energy and Resilience for Managers)

“Thank you for this afternoon’s session, it was really great! I am gutted it was only for an hour. Would love to have heard more.”
(Building Resilience)

“Thank you so much for your brilliant presentation yesterday. It was so inspiring and I intend to follow your advice. After the session I felt like I had more energy than I did going in to the session!”
(Optimizing Energy and Resilience for Lloyd’s Learning Week)

“I just wanted to say a very big thank you for today’s presentation – Janice, as always, you were fantastic!”
(Optimizing Energy and Resilience for Lloyd’s Learning Week)

“One of the most valuable courses I have attended as a police officer.”
(Optimising Energy and Resilience course)

“It was a great course and I would definitely recommend it to others.”
(Building Resilience)

“Honestly, this course was really eye-opening for me and has helped me understand what I need to do to look after myself and therefore be a better source of support as a manager.”
(Managing for Mental Health)

“Gave me some really practical and useful tips to implement in the management of my team and being able to identify signs when people may be struggling.”
(Managing for Mental Health)

“The trainer was so enthusiastic, so engaging and delivered the course very well.”
(Mental Health Awareness)

“I absolutely loved this session – it was probably my favourite external training course (and I have been with the company for 5 years, so have been on a few!). It was really informative, and the trainer was brilliant. She made sure everyone got what they wanted from the session. I have already told my team how brilliant it was and imagine they will be signing up next!”
(Mindfulness at Work)

“Accelerate is the most impactful piece of professional learning in my career to date.”