Wellbeing in a hybrid world

– Virtual or face to face
– Typically 12-16 participants per session
– Interactive
– Approx. 1.5 hours

“I enjoyed the workshop earlier today, I thought it was very informative and you covered a lot in a couple of hours. I will definitely recommend the workshop to my colleagues”

With the incidence of stress, anxiety and depression rocketing and the changes in the ways we work being a contributing factor, it has never been more important to explore how to create, sustain and maintain wellbeing in our hybrid world. Utilising practical quick fix solutions, this short, interactive course examines how you can maximise your own wellbeing, support the wellbeing of others and ensure you stay on top of your game.

Key programme elements

Exploring stress, what it is, how it can be useful and why it is to be expected, including current statistics, universal triggers and the change curve.

The ABC of wellbeing:
Developing awareness of stress and its warning signs, understanding the importance of balance and control and utilising practical, science-based strategies to allow you to achieve both.

Creating a toolkit:
Identifying and creating a personalized toolkit of adaptive strategies enabling you to positively support yourself and others.

Participants will be able to:
• Define stress, understand its purpose and recognise its value.
• Recognise personal triggers, symptoms and levels of stress.
• Understand the importance of inclusion and communication.
• Identify and avoid maladaptive coping strategies.
• Explore the benefits of adaptive coping strategies.
• Utilise simple, science-based strategies to promote balance.
• Practice using strategies to create and sustain wellbeing.
• Create a personalised plan to promote wellbeing.